The Different Types Of Rings

A ring is a circular metal band or ornament that is worn on the finger of either a man or a woman. It can be made from wood, ceramic, glass, clay or plastic. When doing a wedding, the ring is put on the finger of the partner for the reminder of the commitments, love, unity and companionship. Not only weddings that require a ring on the finger but several functions and occasions. Every occasion has its type of ring decorated in a special way to fit the function. The ring symbolizes love, commitment, unity, or friendship.The following are the different types of rings put on for various functions and occasions and reasons.

The Wedding Rings

Wedding RingsThese are the most popular types of rings that are bought and worn by the man and the woman who is being married on that very day of marriage or after the marriage. The couple who vow to spend the rest of their lives together does wear the wedding rings. The ring represents everlasting love and unity. Gold, silver, Diamond but plain are the best rings for the weddings. You can check out diamanten ring antwerpen if you are looking for durable rings.

The Engagement Rings

In most cases, it is the ladies who wear these rings to show that very soon they are getting married, but nowadays men are also putting them on. These rings are designed in the most beautiful way that when you wear it, you feel great. The engagement rings are closely related to the wedding rings in that they proclaim the love that is shared by two people a man and the woman. Platinum metal rings and the silver are the best engagement rings. But should not be plain but decorated a little to communicate the love affections.

The Purity Rings

These are the rings worn by the Christian teenagers and are a symbol that they will never get involved in any sexual activities before marriage. The purity rings are just the same as the promise rings which symbolizes chastity. Whenever this young person is tempted to get into any sexual activity, he or she is to look at that ring and get reminded of the promise. These types of rings are designed with different pictures on them like the cross or a portrait showing the sense of purity.

Friendship Rings

A group of people who have come together and have decided to be friends can have this type of ring. Any person who is interested in joining this group is given the friendship ring to show commitments with the group. The friendship rings are usually designed in a fancy style which is of different shapes and colors. They do not in any way show or represent romance but just a relationship.

The Promise Rings

handYou can be troubled by excessive alcohol drinking, but now you have decided to stop. The promise ring is designed to always remind you of the vow of stopping the act. A regular smoker also can put on a promise ring to remind him or her of the promise. The promise ring can also be a commitment ring since you must commit yourself to accomplish a certain goal in your life.

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