An Overview Of Permanent Make-Up

Women who want their makeup to last go for cosmetics or permanent makeup. This is technique is known as cosmetic tattooing, dermapigmentation, or micropigmentation. Generally, a tattoo is permanent makeup. This is because it lets you appear like makeup. In fact, it is the same as undergoing a tattoo procedure. For instance, it uses a needle to apply colored pigments underneath the upper dermal layer of the skin, following application of local anesthesia.

Usually, the tladyechnician will use an eyebrow pencil to outline your brows until you are satisfied with their new shape. After about three weeks, your skin will heal permanently. After this duration, you can see your true color. During the healing period, the color is likely to appear muted or dull. Over time, pigments fade. This is likely to vary from one individual to another. However, this is dependent on skin type, tone, age, and even lifestyle. Also, skin exposure has an effect. You can maintain eyebrows by repeating this procedure after two years.

As much as this procedure will result in discomfort, it is less painful as compared to other methods. The technician will use an anesthetic cream. Ensure the procedure is carried out by a qualified and licensed makeup technician. Professionals follow strict rules on sanitation and sterilization by using disposable, sterilized tools and needles. Moreover, pigments that are used should be FDA approved.


A lot of people undergo permanent makeup procedure to enhance or make your brows. You may have scars or lost your eyebrows due to over-waxing or over-plucking. Also, their hair loss may be a result of alopecia or chemotherapy. Due to aging, you can have a drooping eyebrow. Through microblading, you can stimulate the growth of eyebrows. Blissful Brows & Lashes location in Malibu are done by qualified professionals.  The technique enables you to have hair strokes, which look natural, with balanced design and shape.


You can aladydd more definition to eyes and even make your lashes appear fuller. Some people undertake a process known as a permanent eyeliner that is applied to both lower/upper lash line. You will find that this technique is ideal for correcting eyes, which are deep-set, droopy, wide, close-set, and large.


There is also permanent lip liner, which is also a solution to creating desired lip shape. It helps correct faded and uneven lip contours. This technique is quite popular due to its wide range of vibrant and natural colors.